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Wolf Run Plus

Fuel their joy and vitality – shop now for the perfect blend of nutrition and flavor!



At West Texas Primal Bites, we believe in giving back to the community. That's why with every purchase, a portion of our profits goes to help local animal shelters and military organizations in Odessa, Midland, and West Texas.

We are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business.


Just gave an afternoon feeding! Everyone is absolutely INSANE over the raw!!!!! I got a little too cocky and gave Simon some Wolf Run last night and it was just a bit too rich…but he def LOVED IT!!!!! And the bobcat is totally nuts over it!!!! She hears/smells me starting to feed the dogs and goes crazy…which I’m totally thrilled with because for 5 years now I’ve had a hard time getting her to eat anything but chicken wings….this is fabulous for her too!!!!
So…bottom line…the whole family is a very happy group and it makes me feel soooooo good!!!!

Lisa W.

It's so easy to work with, stack easy in our freezers, much faster, easy to defrost, and less time consuming.

Sarah L.

Thank ya sir! We were on the site last night, looking at ordering more here in the next couple weeks. Earl gets so excited when he knows he’s getting some West Texas Primal Bites🔥

Frank S.

My puppies love the raw diet! Thank you!

Jessica T.

Our pups and we love what y'all are doing for us and the rest of the dog community.

Lori C.

Maggie loves the food and we can tell a difference in her and her poop.

Gonna get another order in next week.

Steve H.


Ridley & Axl

Our lively Australian Shepherd, and Axl, our loyal Cane Corso. They are the dynamic duo of happiness in our home! Ridley's playful energy and Axl's gentle nature bring us endless joy. We are grateful for their presence and the happiness they bring us daily. They can't resist their delicious, high-quality food. Just look at those smiles!


Introducing Dior, a trailblazer in the transition to raw feeding! As a first-time raw feeder, Dior and her owner received invaluable guidance and care from Chris. Despite Dior's chicken allergy, Chris's personalized attention ensured her well-being by recommending alternative foods. Dior's owner noted, "Chris treats my pup as it was his," reflecting the compassionate support provided. Their experience underscores our commitment to tailored nutrition and expert guidance. Join us and experience the difference firsthand!


Meet Kleio "Hell Bitch", our formidable female working K9 leading the charge for raw feeding! With the guidance of Chris Beltz, her nutrition journey has been a game-changer. Chris's enthusiastic endorsement, "Definitely Paws up and Posse Approved!" speaks volumes. Feeding our Shepherd's Blend and Senior Pro Plus to Kleio "Hell Bitch" a 12-year-old female working K9, Chris witnessed remarkable results. Despite the frenzy at feeding time, digestive issues were non-existent, and stools remained normal. Chris credits WTX Primal Bites for introducing them to raw, highlighting the ease and benefits of this nourishing approach. Join us in fueling your K9 champion with optimal nutrition and vitality!

Tell us about your pup and how much they love West Texas Primal Bites!