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Our Protein Sourcing Approach

Our Protein Sourcing Approach

Our Protein Sourcing Approach

The company adheres to a strict quality standard for its raw pet food, excluding any premixes, fillers, grains, flavorings, artificial or synthetic additives, vitamins, minerals, or ingredients.


For beef products and blends, the company sources exclusively from premium pastured cows. It takes pride in delivering the finest raw dog food, utilizing the entire cow, including favorite cuts, without resorting to the rendered scraps that many other raw pet food companies often use.


For duck products, the company adheres to a rigorous Duck Stewardship Program, ensuring responsible and ethical sourcing.


For chicken products and blends, the company uses USDA Inspected chickens, which are raised in open environments and fed a 100% vegetarian diet.


The chickens are never exposed to antibiotics, steroids, or hormones. Many of them are organic egg layers, enjoying a 100% non-GMO, organic diet.


For seafood products, the company sources from USDA Inspected, USA-origin, wild-caught sources, and meticulously packages in the USA to maintain the highest quality standards.


The company's diverse range of offerings also includes USDA-inspected turkey, goat, sheep, lamb, and an assortment of other high-quality proteins.